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 In 2014, a Palestinian Tour guide, Yamen and Jane, who was visiting Palestine for the first time, started the first Bedouin Football Team - ever.

Jane, who fell in love with everyone she met at the Jahalin camp, asked their strong, caring leader Eid, how she might be fo help.  She was sure he would as to donate something like computers, but instead he asked that she start a football team.

             And so, the DESERT HAWKS, comprised of 18 young men, were born.  Jane became their sole sponsor, Yamen dedicated a great deal of his personal time figuring out all the very complicated logistics; and Mohammad, a great coach with professional experience has kept the team going  Within two years, they have won many games --against a visiting team from Uganda; an Italian team and a strong team from Jericho that had been playing for over five years.

              Prior to the formation fo the Desert Hawks, the Jahalin would get together and play football with stones and bare feet.  Football has been an extremely important sport in Palestine since 1948 --when they came under Israeli occupation.  Not only are they fine players, but it helps a great deal in keeping peoples' mind off the daily hardships and life under occupation.

             The Bedouins have long wanted to be a part of the Palestinian football world, but extreme poverty has kept them outsiders.

              Their living conditions are not even close to being adequate.  They live with no electricity or running water --- but it has been their home since 1950 when a United Nations treaty had stipulated that this was to be their legal, permanent land.

            Now, their village is under threat of confiscation of what little land they have and to relocate to an area with even poorer lconditions.  They are in danger of losing their 4,000 year old rich culture. 

       Whatever the future holds for the Jahalin, we hope the DESERT HAWKS will continue!

However, WE NEED YOUR HELP! The DESERT HAWKS need new uniforms, shoes and balls as well as the opportunity to play teams in big cities like Jenin and Ramallah --- and maybe even Jordan.  This requires transportation which is very expensive and difficult as Palestinians must drive on different roads than Israelis. They have big dreams which based on their talent could actually happen but WE NEED YOUR HELP.

        Any donations would be greatly appreciated.