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Planting Olive Trees of Hope - Local Guesthouse

 Desert Hawks Team- Arab Al Jahalin Camp

Foreigner's distribute books to the children of Aida Camp

Gifts 4 Giving Program -"Putting a  smile on a child's face"
Started in 2010 distributing toys, winter clothes, school supplies, and much more to children of the Refugee Camps and local schools in the Bedouin Camps.  On holidays, toys are distributed to many children through local centers and in the Refugee Camps.  School supplies during the school year are provided to children of local schools.  During the winter, many children do not have winter clothing to keep warm -so the program distributes clothing, boots, hats and scarves, to the barefoot children of the Bedouin Camps.

Regular Food drives feed many families in the refugee camps.

Desert Hawks Bedouin Soccer Team
Developed in 2014 to provide hope to the youth of Arab Al Jahalin Bedouin Camp. An opportunity to learn teamwork and fulfill their dreams of playing soccer on a real field.  Funds help provide uniforms, professional coach, transportation. equipment and other necessities for this group young men to practice, compete in Tournaments and restore their faith in a brighter future. 

Volunteer Program
Brings foreigners and locals together to help bring more funding into the organization and lead fundraisers and other activities designed for the community.  The organization provides a local Guest House/Office to keep the volunteers comfortable with a workplace for organizing current and future activities.

Sponsor a child
Helping children who need special education or health care -when their families are unable to provide for them.  One time donations to help  with expenses for health care, for families with sick children.

Many children have learning disabilities - requiring special education that can be costly. Sponsor a child to fund the education fees